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Cabinet Basics

Taking the Mystery Out of Cabinets


Kitchens: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions . . .

The kitchen is the most cost-intensive room to remodel or build because so much is compressed into a comparatively small space. Also compressed into that space are more decisions per square foot than in any other room in your home. And the most expensive single item is usually the cabinets.

That's why we created this website. To help you get your money's worth.

Cabinets Have Two Components

Understanding and selecting cabinetry has long been a mysterious undertaking for many consumers. A cabinet has two basic components:
• Box
• Doors & Drawers

Accessories include the shelving and hardware (guides, handles, knobs).

Boxes comes in two styles: framed and frameless. The purpose of the box is to hold the doors and drawers. Remove the doors and drawers from your kitchen or bathroom cabinets and you will be looking at the box.

Quality Depends Upon Materials and Construction

Cabinet quality depends on two factors:
• Materials
• Construction

Of course, installation is very important. Cabinets that are made of the best materials and construction methods can look horrible if installed incorrectly.


The cabinet box.  Remove the doors and drawers and you will be looking at the box.

The Cabinet Box



Doors and Drawers


Custom, Semi-custom or Stock? Types Explained.

Most cabinet distributors offer high to low-end cabinets whether they are custom, semi-custom, or stock. Here is an explanation of the three common ways of making cabinets:

  • Custom cabinets are built by local craftsman.  Generally the owner or someone who is actually involved in building the cabinets is also the person who works with the homeowner in the design process.  Because of this, fewer problems arise during installation.

  • Semi-custom cabinets are built by larger, more automated companies and may or may not be local.  They have highly-developed ordering systems which allow for custom sizes.  Most distribute their cabinets through a local distributor who works with you during design and then places an order.

  • Stock cabinets are provided by large manufacturers which can offer a competitive price because of volume. Stock cabinets are usually the least expensive option.  Today manufacturers have different lines, from the expensive to the low end of the market.  Generally, stock cabinet are limited in styles and finishes and with fewer options. Built in standard sizes in width increments of 3 inches, they are stockpiled awaiting sale.


A Cabinet for Every Budget

EastBank Interiors has a cabinet for practically any budget. 

One of the main considerations in the choice of type is how long you expect to be in the house.  If you are remodeling the house for resale then you will want to look at stock cabinets.  If you are planning to raise a family in the house then you may want to look at custom or semi-custom cabinets.  If you are working with existing walls that are unusual sizes or angles you will sacrifice space if you choose stock cabinets.  If your main concern is a limited budget then stock may be your only option.


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