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Cabinet Countertops
Today, we want countertops that delight the eye, stand up to heat, keep out food stains, are easy to clean and are more durable than the deck of a battleship.

Amazingly, a variety of materials, natural and man-made, manage to fit the bill: plastic resins, sheet metal, wood, stone, ceramic tile, concrete, even slabs of quarried French lava. Prices range from less than $5 per square foot for post-formed plastic laminate to $300 per square foot for  rare granite.

In addition to their many practical contributions, countertops also make a big visual and tactile impact. The huge variety of materials -- each with its own range of colors, textures, performance characteristics and cost -- allows a kitchen countertop to fit neatly into just about any lifestyle and architectural tradition. Spending thousands of dollars isn't hard to do, but far more economical alternatives also exist. The only trick is wading through all the options.

Check out all of the possibilities, get a full description, and read about the Pros and Cons.




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