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Kitchen Cabinet Design

 Kitchen Design & Cabinet Showroom Portland, OR

Kitchen cabinets are very critical to kitchen remodeling necessities.  As an introduction to kitchen cabinet designs, we will provide information about kitchen cabinet styles, finishes, and resources you will need in planning your kitchen remodel.

Cabinets provide are the key to creating the class and elegance that you are looking for in your next kitchen. The following are some of the aspects to be considered in the choice of kitchen cabinet designs and styles.

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Kitchen Cabinet Styles in Portland, OR

Casual kitchen designs is a balance of refinement and relaxation. the design helps you build a room that is about “you” and your “home” in addition, Casual kitchen cabinets are more about finding harmony between all of the individual elements. The design allows illustrating a mixture of ideas which can show freedom, nonconformity, and self-expression Casual kitchen cabinets are perfect for those who are avoiding classic formality but wants their kitchen space surrounded by familiarity and warmth. It also blends modern and classic elements.

Characteristics & design of casual kitchen cabinets

A wide range of accessories – This can be a special piece of modern art that can be placed next to a family heirloom.

Bold accents – The accents on the wall of your casual kitchen cabinet, add a pop of color that allows you to create a personal design statement.

Architectural elements – Simple arches added to a bookcase unit, or the use of moldings allow for summarizing the cabinetry’s overall design, form, and structure.

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets in Portland

Contemporary Kitchen cabinets are defined by their open spaces and clean lines. The contemporary design allows it to have a sleek, smooth and uncluttered look. The focus of it is its minimalism and functionality. It includes a larger storage, frosted glass cabinet doors, pendant lights and trendy stainless steel appliances.

Characteristics of a contemporary kitchen cabinet

Contemporary kitchen cabinets are well known for their simplicity, stylish aesthetics, clean lines and minimalist details. In addition, the general characteristics of contemporary kitchen cabinets include asymmetry, geometry, horizontal lines and the lack of ornamentation

Contemporary kitchen cabinet design elements

1. Full overlay cabinets

Cabinets help to define the design style of a kitchen… Two door styles are dominant in Contemporary kitchen design: It has a slab front and Shaker-style. Hardware can be added to cabinet doors but some designs omit hardware to maintain a minimalistic, clean look in the room.

2. Horizontal Lines

Contemporary kitchen cabinet designs focus on linear congruence. You will see horizontal lines in the way components are used. This includes:
  • The layout of cabinets and counters
  • Flooring
  • Backsplash and tile accents

3.  Commercial Appliances

Contemporary kitchen cabinets and style commonly use stainless steel commercial appliances because of the industrial look. Some appliances also provide geometric accents in the room such as a stylish arched or angled vent hood. Stoves, ovens, cooktops and even dishwashers can have futuristic-looking control panels and lights that augment the modern look.

4. Simple, Smooth Hardware

Contemporary kitchen cabinets and style have a  rule of thumb for hardware which needs to be smooth and simple, not ornate

5.  Natural Elements

Contemporary kitchen cabinets and style designs nowadays combines elements found in nature such as wood and stone as well as glass. Some of the products used are travertine tile on walls and floors.

Fun facts/Additional:

Contemporary kitchen cabinets are usually thought of as glossy and plastic, but there are many other different options. From minimalist wood to stainless steel to pure glass, modern cabinetry can excite and surprise with creativity.

Cottage Style Kitchen Cabinets Portland & West Linn, OR

The cottage kitchen is known as a welcoming place to gather with family and friends. It features white cabinetry it also has a bright and cheery ambiance.

Cottage style kitchen cabinet elements:

Soft colors are a known trait of cottage kitchens it is usually light and airy and it aims to look all fresh and appropriate as well.

Cottage kitchen cabinets are also known for having an open shelving recalling the days when kitchens were more practical than ornamental. It also allowed cooks to reach for their cooking tools easily.

Hardwood flooring. Before carpet became respectable, hardwood floors were the norm, which complimented the cottage kitchen style.

Country Kitchen Cabinets Portland West Linn OR

A country-style kitchen has an undeniable appeal. It ranges from traditional farmhouses to something more advanced although they share certain fundamental design, color and style characteristics. Country kitchens are cheery and welcoming, with light and/or bright colors, painted and glazed cabinets with wire or metal inserts and woven baskets,

Country kitchen cabinet characteristics:


Natural materials and weathered surfaces give newer country kitchens lived-in character. Warm wood tones are also a necessity in a country kitchen, whether a solid plank floor underfoot or an unexpected variation like this one, where wood planks frame floor tiles. Tiles used for backsplashes in country kitchens are often white.

The appeal of glass-front cabinets in country kitchens is twofold: They not only trigger nostalgic images of farmhouse kitchens, they also allow homeowners to showcase favorite china patterns or collections

Replacing old, indistinct hardware with vintage designs. Country-style kitchen cabinets looks for knobs include glass and porcelain designs as well.Accessories
Once the country background is in place, accessories and collections allow you to personalize the country kitchen ambiance and will allow you to add those perfect finishing touches according to your style.

Craftsman Kitchen Cabinets Portland/West Linn

Craftsman kitchen cabinet style, are defined by simple lines, rugged construction, and very little excess ornamentation It is known for warmth that is very evident in the kitchen. It’s impossible to separate form from function in a space done in this style, but Craftsman kitchens are anything but utilitarian — they’re as comforting as a fire on a cold day.

Characteristics of craftsman kitchen cabinets

  1. Design Features: The Craftsman style is inspired by the English Arts & Crafts style but with an American twist

Rich woods. More than any other material, wood defines Craftsman style, thanks to its emphasis on natural beauty. Leave kitchen cabinets unpainted and coat them in a deep stain instead of paint for a warm, lustrous look. Oak is practically synonymous with Craftsman design; if you choose other woods, stick with indigenous species such as maple or pine

Clean-lined cabinetry. Craftsman kitchen cabinet style follows a cabinet suit it is straightforward frameless or flat-panel doors, perhaps with simple glass panes, fall in step with the aesthetic.

Craftsman kitchen cabinet style is also known for its simple lighting it is first and foremost about function, but its strong geometric lines also add visual flair.

The Craftsman kitchen palette pulls straight earthy colors from nature. Think mossy greens, woodsy browns, and rusty oranges, brought in through the use of paint, tile, and accents.

Natural stone. As with wood, stone’s natural beauty provides an ideal foil for the straightforward honesty of Craftsman design. Choose slate for flooring and backsplashes; honed granite and soapstone look just right for countertops.

European Kitchen CabinetsEuropean kitchen cabinets are defined by having a more contemporary appearance with an industrial look and are greatly influenced by the American style. European-style kitchen cabinets are well known for their fat surfaces, streamlined design, sleek decor, and seamless aesthetics. In addition to the European style, kitchen cabinets are also known for providing minimal fuss and maximum ease in terms of use.

European kitchen cabinet characteristics

Sleek appearance – The design for European-style kitchen cabinets is ultra-sleek, stylish, and has a fancy appearance.

European style kitchen has simple, understated hardware and its cabinets are made of handles and knobs that usually have simple, subtle forms which complement the streamlined appearance of European style kitchen cabinet design.

The colors for European-style kitchen cabinets range from neutral colors like white, gray, and black to bold colors like bright reds, lime greens, and oranges.

The absence of ornamentation – European style kitchen cabinets have minimalist design aesthetics and put more emphasis on functionality rather than ornamentation.

Smooth surfaces and textures – The design of European-style kitchen cabinets typically feature smooth, flat surfaces which are often characterized by a highly polished texture.

Formal design aesthetics can be confused with the other cabinet designs. What truly distinguishes the
style are the chandeliers, the carvings on the actual cabinet fixtures, and a kitchen ceiling which
may be omitted. It has the feel of the old country and English homes where the royalty may dine.

Characteristics of formal kitchen cabinets:

Wood carving details – these wood carvings are also present on other kitchen cabinet designs
but for the formal aesthetic, it is heavily applied to all the wood faces. These are not just simple
carving but intricate designs that can be called artistic by its own.

Bombay designed furniture – The British empire was also influenced by the Indian Mumbai
culture and integrated Bombay-designed furniture into their formal aesthetic designs.

Kitchen Hutch – Kitchen hutches can bridge the gap between the dining area and the kitchen area. The kitchen and dining rooms are often in the same area and only separated by
furniture. The ceiling can be a distinct divide between both rooms. The hutch can break the seams
and can make the room division feel seamless.

French Kitchen Cabinet Styles

French country-themed kitchens have ornate cabinets which usually feature raised or inset panels
the panels could be square or arched. Other details include balusters, some vertical lines, valances, and
some bright colors to match with.

Types of French country cabinet wood used:

Plywood – smooth plywood is used which has fewer grains to
accommodate the paint that will be applied to it

Country Composites – MDL or medium-density laminates are composite wood boards mixed with a slick
plastic coating is used to build the French country theme due to its non-grainy appearance and
common bright white finish. Some cabinets designs made from MDL can be multipaneled.

Solid Wood – these pieces of wood have tight grain patterns which are good for enamel paint.
Maple and Alder wood are the most common tree wood that has this characteristic.

Affordable Fir – Fir is softwood that is much more affordable compared to the less
grainy hardwood. Fir once sanded properly, accommodates paint on its surface well.
Instead of using high-quality plywood, Fir boards are a cheaper alternative.

Modern Kitchen CabinetsCabinets without frames that are lined up horizontally and lack any ornamental designs are the elements
that best represent modern kitchen cabinet design motifs. Modern and contemporary are often interchanged
and used in confusion. Contemporary means moment or current which is the actual design or trend of
the present moment. Modern in a design terminology refers to the mid-20th-century design that deviated
from the traditional designs which emerged almost at the same time as the industrial revolution.
Modern in classical kitchen cabinet designing is simple and sleek and essentially frameless and
with the grains or details of the materials being highlighted.

Characteristics of modern kitchen cabinets:

Flat-paneled doors – Commonly referred to as slab-door designs and is a distinguished element
for the modern design cabinets.

Frameless cabinet construction – Frameless cabinets are of European construction which is more
often compared to American framed construction of cabinets. It means that the door is over the actual
cabinet box giving it a sleek and almost seamless appearance.

Sleek and simple components – C-channel pulls are used instead of the tubular or flat linear variety to
accentuate the horizontal lines of the modern cabinet aesthetic.

The absence of ornamentation – The main difference between modern and contemporary is the ornaments. Whereas contemporary cabinets have ornaments such as patterned tiles or colored accent pieces,
modern is bare-bones simple and has an absence of any ornamentations which keeps it simplistic.

Details of the natural materials – Even though modern cabinets don’t have ornaments to make
it stands out, the materials that make up the cabinet such as the grains and the natural wood rings
give it its own distinct characteristics which are often used to classify cabinets as modern.

Horizontal lining – Modern cabinets are often lined up in rows and have a tendency to have
long lines from the look that also gives it its simplistic design. This look is why it is classified as
having horizontal lines as a characteristic.

Congruency of accent pieces – sleek stools and accent lights are consistent with the modern design
and accentuate the actual simple look of the modern cabinets.

Industrial raw look –raw walls and floors coated with just cement complete the look of the simple
modern design.

Image sourced from: https://blog.kitchenmagic.com/blog/3-elements-of-a-rustic-kitchen-designRustic kitchen designs are coveted because of their rustic and country feel. Combining both the old and the new with regard to rustic and modern design can make the best of both worlds by combining beauty and function.  It is also a trend right now to blend the old with the new. Vintage designs do give us a feel of simpler times that do feel the room with a soothing ambiance.

Characteristics of a rustic kitchen design:

Natural and dark look – Natural wood is the core element of the rustic design. Natural wood is
hard to maintain but these days, kitchen wood refacing as well as alternatives such as wood
laminate doors are now budget-friendly.

Detailed furniture accents – a lot of kitchen designs often have accent pieces on the cabinets and
kitchen tops, but for the rustic designs, detailed furniture accentuates the natural wood.

Antique pieces –The natural wood in the kitchens is further accentuated by antique pieces
from the previous century. The rustic look is all about bringing back the old into the contemporary

Image sourced from: https://www.homecrestcabinetry.com/products/sedona/ alpine-white-shaker-style-kitchen-cabinetsShaker kitchen cabinets are simple yet eye-catching. The design theme is named after the Shakers who
are craftsmen, and carpenters. It features recessed panel doors and minimal aesthetic pieces.
The cabinets are built primarily with hardwood while doors may be built with veneer panels.
The details of the materials are hidden due to the simplistic design of the Shaker aesthetic look.

Basic characteristics of a Shaker-style cabinets:

5-piece door cabinet – this is a signature design piece of the Shaker cabinets. The classic Shaker
cabinets have a 5 door piece with the central door having a recessed panel

Clean and simple –  the Shaker style cabinets are often clean and simple but other variations
may have decorative detailed edges.

Traditional Kitchen CabinetsTraditionally styled kitchen cabinets are classified as being both sophisticated and classic. The traditional theme takes its roots in Mexico, colonial America, and more commonly European old-world countries. Details and craftsmanship are the defining characteristics that make it pop out.

Characteristics of a traditional kitchen:

Cabinets with furniture accents – Cabinets set the tone in the kitchen in overall theme and feel. The furniture accents include glass embeds, mitered boards, and other wood embellishments. These can be made to fit around dishwashers, refrigerators, and other kitchen appliances such as the induction or gas stoves, or the range hood.

Stone countertops – solid stone countertop pieces or even manmade quartz are used for traditional designs. The shape and edging of the actual stones themselves also lend to the overall aesthetic of the kitchen.

Distinguished Hardware – Cabinet hardware i.e. the handles and hinges completes the Traditional-look of the kitchen and makes it look distinguished. These can also be designed to accentuate the surrounding tiles.

Stylized light fixtures – Kitchen lighting is designed to be both practical and aesthetic and would usually set the mood. Shapes of the light and the placement can change the whole ambiance of a room. Lighting should be strategically planned out to properly illuminate areas and to help the surrounding furniture and cabinets look a lot more aesthetic.

Simple moldings and trims – moldings and trims are part of what makes a kitchen traditional in design. A combination of moldings, trims, corbels, and appliques is used to further enhance the aesthetic of the cabinets and overall area.

Accent tiles – tiles complete the look of the traditional kitchen. It could also be a central accent piece in the whole traditional kitchen design.

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