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    Envoy Project Details

    Location: Kitchen


    • Dynasty & Omega Cabinets – $20,096.76
    • Shipping & Delivery – $450.00
    • Install All Cabinets & Crown – $3,450.00
    • Knobs/Pulls – $440.00
    • Caesarstone Quartz Countertops – $3,456.20
    • Extras per customer request – $1,178.53
    • Total – $28,675.49

    It takes a great customer to get a great kitchen to remodel. The owners of this 7th-floor condominium were some of the best. There were several challenges on this job, from how to get cabinets to the 7th floor to working within the confines of a cement building with a “historical board” and a condominium association, but the building itself was by far the greatest challenge. I was only doing cabinets and countertops on this job. The general contractor, The Art of Homes, had a much harder job. All wiring ran through concrete that could not be cut without proper sign-offs by each neighbor.

    On my scope, it is rare to have a building with as many issues like this one. I thank my lucky stars that I had owners who knew the difficulties of living in a 1920’s building and kept a great attitude throughout the entire project.

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