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Clifford G. Wageman


Clifford G. Wageman, owner, and president of Eastbank Interiors, brings over 30 years of building trade experience to the company and has been licensed and bonded since 1990 with the State of Oregon Construction Contractors Board.

Prior to Eastbank Interiors, Cliff was the owner and founder of Superior Countertops, the second-largest countertop business in Oregon, with sales of nearly two million dollars per year.

Cliff Wageman brings a wealth of knowledge of the cabinet and countertop industry to your project, regardless of size or budget. His work can frequently be found in Better Homes & Garden magazine.

Notable Projects include:
Mary’s Woods at Marylhurst
Seventh and Knott Condominiums
Various Bank of America locations


Diana Paul


No matter the size, scope, or budget of your project, you will need a designer, not just a cabinet or product salesperson. What I bring to the project as your designer is not just a designer, but one with experience, patience, and material-ordering and scheduling capabilities. In other words, I get it done and get it done well.

My experience comes from 11 years of designing for full-scope remodeling projects, both kitchens, and baths.  I’ve ordered all the products for those projects as well. In every project, every decision affects something else. I would never say I’ve seen it all, because in remodeling that would be very naïve. I’ve seen a lot and know never to stop asking questions and learning even more.

The decisions you make won’t be easy, and I have natural patience working with my clients. You will need someone who will stick with you and guide you when you need it and who let you share your ideas when you already know what you want. I get excited for every project I work on! I love it!

It’s more than design. It’s more than selling materials. It’s planning, specifying, ordering, and scheduling. It’s customer service.

The most repeated feedback I’ve received from my clients after working with me was how much fun they had and how satisfied they were with their decisions! Check out my job photos! I’m so proud of them!

More about me:

My education comes from the Art Institute of Portland where I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design degree in 2003.

I have a passion for a well-designed kitchen. I come from a very large family that loves to cook and entertain. With so many people packed into a kitchen, it can be much more meaningful to focus on the fun of sharing beautiful meals and great family time. In a well-designed kitchen, there is room to grow. From changing family sizes and configurations to creating more complex meals and cooking styles!

Working with Eastbank Interiors is such a pleasure. We are able to design with and order from a huge selection of cabinetry. Cliff has chosen for his showroom the best variety of cabinetry in every configuration and at every price point. We can design just about anything for anyone. And so many varieties of countertops! Quartz, wood, stainless. Anything you can think of, he’s got it here or can get it, and at a great value. He doesn’t have a lot of overhead, so he can offer just excellent pricing on everything here. I love it!

tasha welch

Tasha Welch


Tasha Welch was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to an already adventurous and creative family. Seeking greater opportunities, they relocated to a small picturesque town in Alaska to start anew. Growing up with both an eye for all-things-natural and a hunger for the culture and diversity that cities provide, Tasha later moved to San Francisco to attend the Academy of Art University to further her love of design.

With a degree in Industrial Design in hand, and exposed to some of the best design influences in the world, she began her career in Northern California. Growing a portfolio in multiple disciplines, Tasha has worked as a furniture/industrial designer; a showroom manager for a high-end Italian furniture company; and as a drafter/designer for architects working on custom homes in the Bay Area. 

Across a two decade career, Tasha Welch has studied design, photography, and architecture; drawing inspiration from nature, and structure/form within architecture & interiors. She combines sheer creative passion with a love of working closely with clients and their individual concepts. With influences from Maximalism, Mid-Century Modern, Art Deco, and Art Nouveau, she tackles challenges easily with a joy for the industry—drawing on her extensive background to serve each client’s unique needs. 

Currently focusing on kitchen and bathroom design, Tasha is driven by sourcing beautiful finishes with thoughtful touches for textures or fixtures, to customize spaces with cleverly laid-out, timeless design.