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Countertop Trends in Portland

Countertop Trends in Portland: Modern Styles and How Eastbank Interiors Can Elevate Your Space

Portland, known for its thriving arts scene and eco-conscious living, is not just a place but an experience. Its homeowners and designers alike are known for crafting spaces that merge functionality with the distinct Portland flavor. A significant part of this design ethos lies in choosing the right kitchen and bathroom countertops. In this post, we’ll explore the emerging countertop trends in Portland and how Eastbank Interiors can help you seamlessly integrate them into your home.

1. Embracing the Raw and the Natural: As the city leans more into sustainable living, natural stone countertops like granite, quartzite, and soapstone have become popular. Their unique patterns, durable nature, and eco-friendliness make them a perfect fit for the Portland aesthetic. Eastbank Interiors’ collection of natural stone countertops is not just vast but curated, ensuring you get nothing but the best.

2. The Rise of the Porcelain Countertop: Porcelain countertops are gaining traction in Portland for their durability, versatility, and minimalist appeal. Being stain, scratch, and heat-resistant, they are a practical choice for both kitchens and bathrooms. Eastbank Interiors can introduce you to a range of porcelain countertops that align with contemporary Portland designs.

3. Recycled and Eco-friendly: Recycled glass countertops are another trend that resonates with Portland’s sustainable spirit. These countertops, made from recycled glass shards set in a concrete or resin base, are both stylish and environmentally responsible. Eastbank Interiors champions this green movement with their line of eco-friendly countertops.

4. Veined and Patterned Surfaces: Portland homeowners are increasingly leaning towards countertops with bold veining and patterns, especially for kitchen islands as statement pieces. Whether you’re considering a dramatic marble or a boldly patterned quartz, Eastbank Interiors can guide you through choices that can become the centerpiece of your room.

5. Honed and Leathered Finishes: Moving away from the high-gloss, polished finishes, Portland is witnessing a rise in the popularity of honed (matte) and leathered finishes. They give countertops a more natural, tactile feel. Eastbank Interiors is at the forefront of this trend, offering customization to achieve these sought-after finishes.

6. Integrated Sink Countertops: For a sleek, modern look, integrated sinks (where the countertop and sink are made of the same material) are becoming a go-to choice. They offer a seamless transition and are easier to clean. With Eastbank’s expertise, integrating such designs into your home becomes hassle-free.

How Eastbank Interiors Fits Into the Trend Landscape

With a finger on the pulse of Portland’s design scene, Eastbank Interiors is not just a provider but a collaborator. We understand the city’s evolving design sensibilities and offer tailored solutions to homeowners. From consultations to installations, our experienced team ensures your countertop not only aligns with current trends but also with your personal aesthetic and functional needs.

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